Known Issues with each year of the Stella

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Known Issues with each year of the Stella

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Hi all,

I have a 2003 Stella that I have had for years, and I love. Has the Bald John Stack, and other than the CDI which I replaced with a Ducati, has given me no problems.

I just picked up a 2005 with 10,000 miles that is rough. Very rough. Light switch broken so hard wired. Electric start button broken. A lot of Frankensteining I will have to uncover.

At the same time I picked up a 2008 with 450 miles in excellent condition. However the owner told me the two stroke injection doesn’t work so he has been premixing. There seems to be a lot of oil on the back side and wheel side of the engine for a scooter that has only done 450 miles.

When I bought the 2003 I remember reading something about the different issues with the various years of the Stella. I know that 2003 was a good year and then some things changed. I read the 2008 has some issue with the oil check valve. Maybe that is the issue with the one that I bought.

So, any wisdom on the various year model issues and resolution for them?
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