Stella 125cc Automatic starting issues.

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Stella 125cc Automatic starting issues.

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Hello, Recently purchase a non working Stella fix up as a project the body and motor look great. I clean the carburetor, drain the old gas and replaced it along with air, fuel filters and battery. I went to start it and nothing no noise what so ever, I decided to check brake switches and ignition button all good so far.. I checked the starter relay and it had power going to it then something funny happen when I was testing the stater relay with the brake on it turn but no ignition.

I went to check the HT Coil and there was no spark, looks like I need a new Coil, My question is.. Is it normal for the starter relay to energize while being tested? I pushed the starter button and would not make it turn at all it only did it when my circuit tester was plug to ground and I touch the negative cable of the socket. I will post a picture of it (don't mind the battery cable).
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