2021 Genuine Buddy 50. 70 bbk

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2021 Genuine Buddy 50. 70 bbk

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Derestricted goes 39 mph. Installed 70 bbk and up jet to 80 and goes only 30 mph. Installed a 90 main jet and just bogs out.
I've heard that the stock 75 main jet is already rich. Should I go with a 85 main jet or try the 75? Of course I don't want a seize motor.
I have added a tablespoon of oil to the gas tank.
If I run the 80 main jet and baby it will it pick up in speed after the break in period of the bbk?
I also installed the Scooter works Sport exhaust which they recommend up jet to an 80 main jet.
My main purpose is to be able to go up hill and maintain a safer speed than slowing down to which it goes slower than a walk.
My elevation is approximately 2200 feet.
Thank you.
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