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Post by BennyBen »

What type of oil do you run you small 2 stroke with? Mineral or synthetic?
The shop that I bought it told me the best mineral that I can find. So I got Castrol GO 2T. Am I doing it good?

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Post by olhogrider »

Synthetic can usually be run with less oil and less smoke than dino oil.
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Post by tenders »

I use Motul 710 synthetic, which may be the most expensive that’s commonly available. I figure for as little oil as the Buddy uses, the difference between a $9 quart and an $18 quart is negligible. However, I don’t think dino vs. synthetic matters much in 2T oils. It’s sacrificial and only gets used once!

What REALLY matters is the JASO specification. Lesser oils are immediately noticeable in soot and smell. Castrol GO oil is JASO FB. Motul 710 is JASO FD. I think you would see a difference. Whether that difference is worth $15 a quart is up to you.

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Post by sc00ter »

Yamalube 2S 2-stroke oil. Easy to find and it has a picture of a 2-stroke bug-eye Zuma in one of the corners. Good stuff. Its all we use.
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Post by BuddyRaton »

I generally break in a 2T motor with crappy dyno. After break in I switch to full synthetic.
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