Center stand spring setup?

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Center stand spring setup?

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Can anybody explain where the center stand springs are connected on a Buddy 50? The parts diagram is not too helpful.

My center stand recently stopped self-retracting over the final third of its travel. There apparently should be two springs to assist it in doing this, but only one is in place. (That one clips into a hole nestled right next to the rear brake cable.) I see the lower attachment point of the other spring, it’s a little peg with a head on it so it won’t slip off, but the upper attachment point is a mystery.

In the diagram, I think I have #3, “center stand spring.� I’m missing #12, �center stand inner spring,� with no part number. I don’t think it actually goes inside spring #3, although some bike stands do have that setup. I have a pack of miscellaneous motorcycle stand springs, one of which may or may not suit if I can figure out its upper attachment point.
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