Buddy 125 fuel sender/gauge resistance range?

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Buddy 125 fuel sender/gauge resistance range?

Post by slwelsh »

OK, I've read through a half dozen fuel gauge threads but have not seen this info, nor does it seem to be in any manuals I've found.

My fuel gauge "bottoms out" about halfway through the needle travel, and goes all the way up to full. IOTW, it never gets to Empty.

I've completely disassembled the sender and the gauge, and what I have found is that the full travel of the sender takes it from zero ohms ("full") to 103 ohms ("empty').

The gauge, OTOH, reads just above Empty at about 200 ohms and above full at zero ohms.

One of these is wrong, but I don't know which one. I strongly suspect it is the gauge itself, but I would like to confirm that. Can anyone on here tell me what the correct range is? Is it zero to 100, or more like zero to 200?

FWIW, I started this project because the gauge was stuck on "half" when I got the bike. When I pulled the sender out I found the float/wiper frozen in that position. I was able to free it up easily.

Thanks for any light you can shed.

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