Kick Stand options for new model automatic

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Kick Stand options for new model automatic

Post by tentonreverb »

My wife just bought a new 125 automatic. I have a 2008 manual. The center kick stand on the new stella seems almost off center and requires quite an effort. She is a tough broad... but is there a better center stand option or mod that makes the automatic more like my older 2008 which is really easy to use/engage?
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Post by viney266 »

With the new auto, use your weight on your foot more. It comes up pretty easy if you "stand on it". Don't try to pull the scooter up, more foot. Hope that helps.

There is a sidestand option from scooterworks as another option. ... nNYpV573IU
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Post by avescoots1134 »

Turn the handlebar all the way to the left and roll it back onto the stand. It's not bad once you figure it out
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Post by Rune »

If she gets the metal rack on the back, it makes it really easy. Push the kickstand down, grab the metal rack, and rock back on the handlebars and rack...
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