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People and places I only buy Stella Parts from

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08 Stella, cloned into a 1983 Vespa PX

PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:53 pm    Post subject: People and places I only buy Stella Parts from Reply with quote

Here are my go to sites - some here in the US, some in GB.
I have been ordering from them for years. (GB) (GB) (USA) - call him, the website is out of date (GB) -top notch guy (USA) - great people (USA) (USA) (Vietnam?) Solid products, despite what you have heard) (GB) (GB)

I use GB sites because they are crazy about quality - best chrome accesories on the planet, they have their own manufacturing and plating facilities in GB. They also have parts and cool add on accesories that no one else in the US has.

I did not list others due to continual problems with their customer service, bad attitude, or a combination of both.

Scooterworks is also ok, but big and impersonal. Plus they are owned by Genuine Scooter Company, so huge dealer favoritism exists. They may have the part you need, but will not sell it to you because they want you to go to the Genuine dealer and pay double for it. Also, they do not list all the parts they do have to sell, even to the dealers. Lots of issues. Biggest is not always the best.

S.I.P. Scooters - ok, but have huge minimum dollar amounts required to get reasonable shipping. Not good for the one at a time scooter tinkerer.

Beedspeed - not good.

To everyone - I have recieved a bunch of PM's on this topic, so here is a little clarification. I have 9 family members scattered around the USA, all of whom own either a Vespa PX, assorted vintage Vespas, and a few 2T Stellas.
A very important point - always support your local scooter shop, for me it is Scoot Over in Tucson, and MotoCity in Phoenix, and when they tell me they have to order, then I look at other independant scooter shops around the country, I always try them first. Next, if you do not see what you want/need on-line, please CALL them, you have a better chance of letting them know live - person to person - what exactly it is that you are looking for, and thus prepare them for the possible next time.
I have ordered well over $15,000 in Vespa/Stella parts over the past 5 years for myself, family, friends and members in our club, (I also help them to work on their scooters for free, everthing but paint, that I leave to my good friend Eric at 2nd Avenue Scooter Painting & Restoration.
I started out with Scooterworks, ran into all the issues already mentioned on many forums, and a few more, and moved on to people who first, know something about scooters, second, actually work on scooters, and third, are courteous, polite and patient with me on the phone, and have a no-nonsense return policy.
If any I deal with screw up, and do not make it right on their dime, then off the list they go. Now with all of this said, maybe it will lend some credence to this post.

If someone is not on the list, it is for a valid reason. I have tried all the places that you could possibly think of.
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