Buddy Fell Over :/

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Buddy Fell Over :/

Post by sedakid1 »

So, I was driving my buddy down,helmet on, making right turn, and another car was making a wide right turn. We couldn't see each other coming due to a truck-bed, but I saw the car at the last second, and turned my handles hard, to take the fall instead of crashing. I was on a ramp, so my scooter was a little more and horizontal and gasoline was spilling all down the ramp, and on me. -_-
BUT! I'm fine, and as a precaution, I haven't turned it on since. But any suggestion on how to approach it, what could happen if i turn it on. When it was upright, nothing looked scraped or beat up, so it's lucky I broke the fall.
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Post by casechopper »

How did the gasoline end up leaking out? Was the lid on tight? Give it a couple hours to air out and make sure there isn't any liquid gasoline on yourself or the outside of the scooter. Then start it up in an open area.
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Post by ericalm »

Glad you're okay!

It won't blow up or anything. There are a couple places gas can get into and out of. But if it's been sitting upright for a while, you should be good to try to start it.

Start it up, let it idle for a while. If it stalls, you may have caused a vapor/vacuum lock by clogging the air system with gas. This will often work itself out if you run it, rev the gas a few times.

The other possibility is oil or gas flooding the air filter. This can be removed and cleaned or replaced.
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